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Lover's Day Review: Boring and Deja Vu

Lover's Day Review: Boring and Deja Vu

Movie: Lover's Day
Rating: 1.5/5
Cast: Priya Prakash Varrier, Roshan Abdul Rahoof, Noorin Shereef and others.
Music: Shaan Rahman
Cinematography: Sinu Sidharth
Editor: Achu Vijayan
Producer: A Gururaj
Director: Omar Lulu
Release date: Feb 14, 2019

'Lover's Day', which has been in the news from long time due to Priya Prakash Varrier’s viral wink, hit the screens today on the eve of Valentine's Day.

Let's find out whether this film deserves all the hype?

First year students of intermediate, Priya (Priya Prakash Varrier), Roshan (Roshan Mohammed) and Gaadha (Noorin Shereef) are friends. It was love at first sight for Priya and Roshan, and Gaadha helps them. A Whatsapp video leads to their break-up.

How they make up again forms the second half.

Artistes’ Performances:
Although this film got craze due to Priya's wink act, she gets less footage. Priya Prakash has beauty, has expressive eyes but she proves nothing with this film in terms of acting. She is just okay.

Roshan as teenage lover is good. He has screen presence and his chemistry with Priya is neat.

Noorin Shereef, the curly-haired girl who plays the role of Gaadha, walks away with appreciation. She is the best part of the movie.

Technical Excellence:
Shaan Rahman's music has already become quite popular and the songs are good on screen as well.

Cinematography is neat and production values are good. Editing is lethargically passive.  

Chemistry between Priya and Roshan
Climax sequences

Boring first half
Outdated story
Clichéd narration
Old jokes
Sluggish screenplay

We don't know what the original story of this movie was when director Omar Lulu made it last year. The wink act of Priya Prakash in a song clip went viral and she became a star overnight. The makers must have felt that they should re-shoot the film to cash in on her popularity.

Hence, the movie which was to release last summer underwent many changes and got released in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam now. It is quite evident the version that we got to see is nothing but an attempt to encash Priya's popularity.

There isn't much story, even the so-called story part has already been seen in many films that include Teja's 'Chitram", Shankar produced ' Premisthe" (climax portions) and "Happy Days".

The campus first loves, break-ups, the college/school jokes, making teachers as buffoons.... we have seen all of this in many movies and it is like beaten-to-death track.

Added to this, scenes like a plus student romancing a teacher is totally cringe worthy. The movie has many such embarrassing sequences.

The director has not brought anything novel on the board to this coming-of-age romance. His lethargic narration has further killed the mood.

Though the climax looks quite forced, these sequences are better than the early proceedings.

Now, the big question: does Priya have in it her to make it big ? We don't get to see much of her talent but she is beautiful and may become good star if she grooms herself.

Overall, it is a routine school/college romance that gives nothing but deja vu feel. 

Bottom-line: WhatsApp Love!



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