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'Loafer' Review: Senti'mental' Drama!

Movie: Loafer
Rating: 2.5/5
CK Entertainments
Cast: Varun Tej, Disha Pathani, Revathy, Posani, Ali, Brahmanandam, Mukesh Rushi, Saptagiri, Dhanraj, and others
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Cinematography: P G Vindra 
Producers: C Kalyan, Swethalana, Varun, Teja, CV Rao
Story, screenplay, dialogues and Direction: Puri Jagannadh
Release Date: December 17, 2015

With Temper staring NTR he gave a hit, then director Puri Jagannadh made Jyothi Lakshmi with Charmi.

His third film this year is Loafer starring Varun Tej, Revathy and Posani. Kanche's success made Varun Tej a star to look out for, hence the combination of Puri and Varun raised expectations on the movie.

Let's find out how the movie has fared...

Murali (Posani), who has all kinds of vices and a loafer, snatches away his son from his wife Lakshmi (Revathy) when she refuses to give him her ancestral property. He lands in Jodhpur. His son Raja (Varun) also becomes pickpocketer. Murali tells his son that his mother died of Jaundice when he was a little kid.

Running away from her father and brothers who wants to marry her off to a mining businessman, Mouni (Disha) lands in Jodhpur and she bumps into Raja. Romance happens after some scenes. Mouni also happens to be the niece of Lakshmi and Raja comes to know that his mother is not dead as his father told him. Mother-son sentiment drama follows.

Artistes’ Performances:
Varun Tej has switched to become a typical Puri Jagannadh hero - rugged looks, stylish dressing style, careless attitude. His acting capabilities too have improved slightly and he looks good in sentiment sequences.

Veteran actress Revathy is faultless, her scenes with Varun Tej are best of the lot. Posani is given a very lengthy role almost equal to the hero’s role but he gets repetitive and goes over the top.

Disha Patani has good looks but she isn't given much role. Mukesh Rishi and the guys who played his sons have gone overboard. Ali's comedy and Brahmi's appearance haven't helped much.

Technical Excellence:
Music is major highlight as Sunil Kashyap's sentiment song reverberates. P G Vinda's cinematography and the color tone of the movie is pretty good. Since the first half of the movie is set in Jodhpur, the visuals are refreshing to the eyes. Editing, production values and other technical departments are okay.


  • Sentiment scenes between Revathy and Varun
  • Suvvi Suvvi song


  • Routine story and presentation
  • Lack of entertainment
  • Boring climax
  • Lengthy proceedings

With Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Puri Jagannadh has proved that he could make perfect sentiment dramas too. The film remained one of his best movies. Looks like he has tried to repeat the same magic but he has run out of ideas. He is just repeating all the tricks he has already showed us in many movies.

While watching "Loafer" we get to remember Ek Niranjan, Amma Nanna O Tamil Ammayi, Heart Attack and several other movies.

Film begins with Posani taking away his son and training him to be a loafer and his grown up son's activities …all these make an interesting watch. The tone and the setup is perfect but it gets tedious to watch as the film moves on the regular way.

Second half has some good sentiment sequences but once the Suvvi song is completed, it drags on and on and ends up with boring climax.

When Brahmanandam is brought in for no apparent reason with the Srimanthudu song in the background in the climax, we can sense Puri has run out of scenes to fill the movie.

The romantic track between Varun and Disha is totally underdeveloped. Heroine's mother is killed by her own family members for a simple reason is beyond logic.

As per the title, the real loafer in the movie is Posani not Varun Tej's character. Don't know why Puri stuck to this title. In Puri Jagannadh's filmography this will add up as another mediocre movie.

Bottomline: Puri Mark Stale Masala

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