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'Jodhaa Akbar' Review: A True Form Of Richness

'Jodhaa Akbar' Review: A True Form Of Richness
Film: Jodhaa Akbar
Rating: 3.25/5

Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Sonu Sood, Kulbushan Karbanda
Camera: Kiran Devhans
Stunts: Revi Dewan
Music: AR Rehman
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Production: UTV
Direction: Ashuthosh Gowarikar
Released On: 15th Feb 2008
Historical stories need not be retold in text here. Same applies to Jodhaa Akbar. But there is enough of creativity injected in it. Messages get into the heads of people when that is told through well known characters. Ashuthosh has chosen a right historical character-set to narrate his message oriented theme instead of going with routine social characters. In other words, instead of taking social characters he has chosen social studies this time.
It's all about how Akbar wins the heart of his wife Jodhaa despite his hectic kingly responsibilities. The film can be understood even in mute. The expressions and emotional depth are rightly projected on to celluloid.
Everything has to be watched on screen and that brings a fabulous treat.
Hrithik justified his role with his macho look. It is sure that Akbar goes synonymous with Hrithik from now onwards. Aishwarya, although may not be synonymous to Jodha, she performed in a spirited role as brave prince.
Sonu Sood is ok in his shoes. Costume designer deserves good mention. Art direction is marvelous and stunt coordination is also dealt well which happens to be the seriously considerable aspect in this film.
Music by AR Rehman is on high score. He gave haunting tunes once again.
Ashuthosh Gowarikar made a fine film that goes in tune with the taste of tasteful audiences. But he would have worked on cutting down the length of the film especially in first half.
The film is like reading War and Peace, the bulkiest book with many characters in it. As the story is not so popular on par with Mahabharatha it becomes a hard pie to bite for audience initially. But as the audiences start connecting to the sense of narration, the film gives a marvelous experience and they hardly look at their watches. The best part in the film is that it is not verbose like Prithvi Raj Kapoor starrer Mughal-E-Azam. The dialogues are not so hard to understand for contemporary audiences. There is a right mix of Hindi and Urdu which leaves the audiences easy to go with the subject. The songs like 'Azeem-o-Shaan Shehanshah..' were carried with verbose Urdu lines which boosts up the adrenaline.
This 40 Cr worth movie draws an affluent picture on the canvass of eye balls. It's worth watching for the flamboyant mahals, palaces and Emperor Courts as well as high-voltage monarchial battles. It is one of the richest films ever made on the Indian celluloid.
AR Rehman's music stands a highlight and Ashuthosh Gowarikar made him the best use. Kiran Devhans' Camera work is a synonym for excellence. Ravi Dewan's battle compositions are impressive and stand in international standards.
The film was made with a very long hard work of about 3 years. A vast study was made on Jodhaa, Akbar and many related historical characters. The efforts are seen on the screen. There are a total of 16 fencing battles in the film where Hrithik has shown his mettle and brought Akbar in him. And coming to Aishwarya, she looked the best in all the frames and brought real glory for the entire movie. It's not just her most renowned beauty and sensuous factor but even her hard work in performing in fencing battles deserves a great mention.
First half of the movie picks up slowly and the real tempo starts in second half. Although the film appears to have shifted the track from the well known history, it leaves no boredom for audiences although rolls on screen for about 3 and half hours.
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