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'Jatha Kalise' Review: A Tedious Love Story!

Film: Jatha Kalise 
Rating:  2.5/5
OAK Entertainments and Yukta Creation
Cast: Ashwin, Tejaswi Madivada, Prudhvi, Saptagiri, Snigdha, Shankar and others
Music: Sunny M R
Music: Vicky and Sai Karthik
Background score: Sai Karthik
Cinematography: Jagadeesh Cheekati
Producers: Naresh Ravuri
Story, screenplay and direction: Rakesh Sasi
Release date: December 25, 2015

Jatha Kalise is romantic comedy starring Ashwin and Tejaswi Madivada. We saw Ashwin earlier in Raju Gaari Gadhi and he did show good potential.

The promos of the film looked promising, does the film live up to all those promises, lets analyse... 

Rushi (Ashwin) has to travel to Hyderabad from Vizag. He has to fly to the USA. The cab that he hired wants a favour from him. Tejaswi (Tejaswi) has to go urgently for an UPSC interview to Hyderabad. The cab company requests Rushi if she could share the cab with him. Rushi readily agrees the minute he sees Tejaswi. It’s love at first sight for him. He tries all the tricks in the book to impress her, but Tejaswi knows Rushi already!

Rushi was in India to attend his friend’s wedding. Some silly bet at the wedding and it ends up into something big spoiling the wedding. Tejaswi had been a witness to that.

On the other hand Rushi’s stupidity at the wedding costs him dearly as all the happenings was broadcasted in a show by some FM station. The video of all happenings at the wedding goes viral. Thanks to Tejaswi. What happens next? 

Artistes’ Performances: 
Ashwin is decent in his role but he fails when he emotes. Also Ashwin lacks class for the role required.

At times Tejaswi performs well, but on the whole the actress has a lot of learning to do. One can’t help but wonder as to why Snigdha is opting for the same role again and again.

There is a parody by Sapthagiri and Shankar, which is aimed for mass audiences and Prudhvi does his bit as well. 

Technical Excellence:
Technically there is nothing much to rave about here. Camera work is plain okay. Except “Ne Padipoyane”, no song impresses. Background score is too loud. The film gives the feel of a short film. Editing is also not good. 


  • Interval bang


  • Silly scenes
  • Bad screenplay
  • Lack of novelty
  • Routine comedy
  • Substandard performances

Jatha Kalise starts off decently but the way it unfolds is so mediocre. Full of clichéd and predictable scenes, it goes on till the end.

The main problem in this film is its storyline. Packaging old story in new format is not something we haven’t seen before. This one is more tedious watch.

Like a road movie, the story goes on but here the drama is centered more on how heroine exposes the taporiness of hero and his gang than anything else. Entire first half is focussed on this part and it is laced with crass jokes.

In the second half, there is sister sentiment angle. But it is also not dealt properly. As if this is not enough the writer has added a parody which does not impress at all.

Director has messed up with facts too. A lady who has to attend an IAS interview is stranded for a cab. There are many such instances in the film which leaves you with a yawn. 

The hero is the CEO of a software firm in the US, but his body language is anything but that. The director has no proper script in place and wastes good time with plain silly jokes.

On the whole, this film drags on with no story. Except for Tejaswi and some comedy, it is totally tedious watch. This one is only for mass audiences.

Bottom line: Rom-Com Wreck!

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