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Hunt Review: Fine Point But Mishandled

Hunt Review: Fine Point But Mishandled

Movie: Hunt
Rating: 2/5
Bhavya Creations
Cast: Sudheer Babu, Bharath Niwas, Srikanth, Chitra Shukla, Mounika Reddy, Goparaju Ramana and others
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography: Arul Vincent
Editing: Prawin Pudi
Producer: V Ananda Prasad
Directed by: Mahesh
Release Date: Jan 26, 2023

Sudheer Babu has claimed that the action choreography in “Hunt” will stun the audiences. He also said that he made a daring step with this film. 

Let’s find out its merits and demerits.

Police officer Aryan Dev (Bharat), a friend and colleague of ACP Arjun Prasad's (Sudheer Babu), is murdered after being shot at while accepting a gallantry award.

While on the phone with his boss Mohan (Srikanth), Arjun Prasad reveals that he has identified the murderer; however, in the very next moment, he is involved in an accident and suffers from selective memory loss.

Arjun Prasad makes a full recovery, but it takes a long time for his memory to return. Even so, his superior Mohan is determined to re-attach the case and identify Aryan Dev's killer.

How successful will Arjun Prasad be in tracking down the murderer a second time?

Artistes’ Performances:
Sudheer Babu has previously played police officers, but this one is very different. The twist in his character is the difference, which is a big risk for any actor to take. He accepted the challenge and played the role in his own unique way.

In this film, he does not have a female partner.

Bharat convincingly plays Sudheer Babu's friend. He's a good fit for the part. Srikanth as police chief is fine.

Technical Excellence:
The film's technical and production values are satisfactory. While the cinematography is adequate, the background music is ok. The film has only one song, a forgettable item number. Dialogues are neat.

Plot Point
Sudheer Babu

First Half
Dragging Narration

"Hunt," starring Sudheer Babu, is a story of a police investigation into a murder, based on the Malayalam film "Mumbai Police." The killer's identity is concealed until the very end, which may come as a surprise to viewers who are not familiar with the original source material.

The film presents itself as a standard investigative thriller, but its climax focuses on a character who denies the existence of his true nature. Nonlinear storytelling and frequent flashbacks help keep viewers guessing about the killer's identity. However, as the story progresses, shocking revelations emerge, and the plot centers around this twist.

Director Mahesh made some changes to the original Malayalam script, and the beginning of the film is engaging. However, the middle portion of the film appears to deviate from the main plot and includes unnecessary elements.

While it is commendable that Sudheer Babu is willing to take on new roles, the audience's reaction may be mixed. The plot twist could have been presented in a more convincing manner. 

Overall, "Hunt" is a thriller with a unique premise and an unexpected twist, but it falls short of expectations and a more compelling narrative would have made a difference.

Bottom line: Target Missed


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