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Hum Tum Review: Torture Unlimited

Hum Tum Review: Torture Unlimited

Movie: Hum Tum
Rating: 0.5/5
Apple Studios
Cast: Manish, Simran, Nikhil Chakravarthy, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, AVS, M S Narayana, Nagiveedu and others
Music: Mahati
Editor: Nandamuri Hari
Cinematographer: Shiva Kumar
Producer: M Siva Rami Reddy
Dialogues and Direction: Ram Bheemana
Release Date: 14th Feb, 2014

We wish we didn’t have to do it, but be forewarned that the film is surely not what you should be watching on Valentine’s Day. And if you don’t heed our advice, then you will stay off theatres for a very long time to come after watching it!

The film is a love story where the hero and heroine do not run around trees and fight with parents for the sake of love. Instead, fate plays its role and Pallavi (Simran) falls in love with Charan the moment she sets her eyes on him. But Charan has a little flashback. His father suffers a heart attack when his sister elopes with her lover. Charan promises his dad that he will never commit the mistake of falling in love.

So, when Pallavi proposes to Charan, he does not react and they eventually part ways. It’s three years before they meet each other again. How they fall for each other this time around, forms the crux of Hum Tum.

Artistes’ Performance:
For any love story to click, the lead pair should be convincing enough to make the audience sit through their on-screen love story. They must evoke warm feelings and make the audience relate to their emotions.

For starters, in Hum Tum, the heroine doesn’t look her part. In fact, one would almost blink and miss her.

As for the hero, you feel the director should have given appropriate voice-overs saying ‘he is sad’, ‘he is happy’, etc.

While the lead pair totally fails in keeping you glued to the screen, there are other friend characters comprising mimicry artistes who make you regret that you bothered to venture into the theatre in the first place.

The cast also includes some well-known comedians, but they could not do much to salvage the despicable Hum Tum.

Technical Team:
The story has been recycled over and over and hits zero on novelty scale. Though it claims to be a love story, you don’t feel the love in any frame.

One is seriously confused as to what the director Ram Bheemana wanted to convey in the first place with this no-brainer. He tries to evoke laughter with jokes that are forwarded through SMSs and posted on Facebook, but falls flat on his face. It leaves you puzzled as to what made the producers pump in money into such a lifeless project.

Another pain point is that the film has too many songs. So, you end up spending an extra half an hour in the theatre which adds to your plight. The cinematographer shines in some scenes, while we must give kudos to the editor for patching up a movie out of senseless, ill-constructed scenes.

If nothing else, the film helps you test your patience levels.


  • Nothing


  • Everything

The film is sheer torture and no words can mention the trauma that you go through if you have the misfortune of watching it in theatre.

Right from the characterization of the lead pair to the comedy scenes to the songs, looks like the team wanted to test for how long the audience would sit through their film.

Since the film released on Valentine’s Day, many love birds would flock to watch it. But we won’t be surprised if quite a few of them will break up after watching it together.

Now, you would be wondering how we gave 0.5 rating for the film. Well, that’s simply because the makers have resisted the temptation of using double entendres to draw the young audiences to the theatres.

Bottomline: Beginning to end torture

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