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'Guntur Talkies' Review: Strictly For Adults

'Guntur Talkies' Review: Strictly For Adults

Film: Guntur Talkies
Rating: 2.5/5
RK Studios
Cast: Siddhu, Rashmi Gautham, Naresh, Mahesh Manjrekar, Shradda Das, Shyamala, Raghu Babu and others
Dialogues: Siddhu and Praveen Sattaru
Cinematography: Ram Reddy
Editor: Dharmendra
Music: Sricharan Pakala
Producer: Raaj Kumar. M
Written and directed by: Praveen Sattaru
Release Date: March 05, 2016

Popular TV anchor Rashmi Gautham's sizzling songs and hot stills of 'Guntur Talkies' were released as part of the movie’s promotions and it has created huge interest among the youth.

Rashmi Gautham’s sexy youtube song has brought lot of buzz to the movie. Let’s find out about its merits and demerits…

It is a simple tale of two petty thieves going wrong in their act. Giri (Naresh) and Hari (Siddhu) work in a medical shop as labourers in a small town. They get meager amount of money for their work. In the night, they do petty chori for extra income.

Siddhu lusts for his neighbor’s sister (Rashmi), while Hari is a sex-starved man. One day they steal five lakhs and a small doll without their knowledge. Two dons Jackie (Mahesh Manjrekar) and Revolver Rani (Rashmi) are after them. What happens next is forms the post-interval drama. 

Actors’ Performance
Entire film is focused on lust of hero Siddhu and Rashmi Gautham. The latter is teasing the former with her suggestive clothes and expressions. She is so sexy in the film and has done a song in a very bold manner.

Rashmi Gautham sets men’s fantasies on fire with her act. Other than teasing with her hot looks and dressing style, she has no substance to her character.

Siddhu has looked like a cheap petty thief. His looks and acting are perfect to the character. As a guy whose wife is eloped and craving for some ‘fun’ in life, Naresh is first class.

Mahesh Manjrekar comes in the second half but he evokes some good laughs with his double meaning dialogues. Shradda Das has failed to make any impact. 

Technical Excellence:
Cinematography by Ram Reddy is neat. The movie is completely shot in original locations on streets in small towns. The locations and atmosphere are authentic.  


  • Rashmi Gautham’s sexiness
  • Some comedy dialogues
  • Nee Sontham song shot on Rashmi and Siddhu


  • Cheap language
  • Excessive use of expletives
  • Adult content
  • Constant use of the word bum (in Telugu)
  • Low taste of comedy

“Guntur Talkies” was advertised as adult crime comedy. True to the promotions, the movie has adult content with no-holds barred dialogues, skins shows and love making scenes.

Movie begins with Naresh mouthing the word bum (read in Telugu) constantly. Throughout the movie you hear the word in every stage for every situation of life. This is the first time that a Telugu movie had that word uttered nearly 20 or 30 times.

In Hollywood movies, such words and usage of ‘F’ word is routine and now director Praveen Sattaru brings it to Tollywood. 

The movie is basically crime comedy but he has focused more on the lust of the hero. In the first half, he is shown is having an affair with neighbor aunty. Next he is shown lusted by a don called Revolver Rani played by Sraddha Das who rapes him constantly.

She calls him and forces him to have sex five or six times daily. There is also scene that she ties him to bed posts and puts power to his nipples and shown that they are burnt and she gets “satisfaction”. Such crass are the scenes.

And next it is shown he is lusting for the neighbor aunty’s young sister (Rashmi ) who has come from Kadapa. The hot tease Rashmi does here would definitely make young guys go in frenzy.

Added to that there is a scene, where Naresh reads a sex magazine loudly in bathroom which lasts for five minutes.

Till interval scenes like these and some petty crime act run on. Post interval there is some story but again it runs on double meaning dialogues.

Overall, the director has tried to present a crime comedy to attract a section of audiences who can enjoy such tease by heroine Rashmi and unabashed use of adult language. 

For general audience, the episodes look very cheap in taste. Even in most scenes Naresh’s acts seem downright silly. Also nothing happens in 60 percent of the movie except these silly acts.

This is director Praveen Sattarru’s attempt to get a success by hook or crook. His film “Chandamama Kathalu” won a National Award earlier.

All in all, “Guntur Talkies” is low-standard comedy that can be enjoyed by a section of audience for its sexual tease. 

Bottom-line:  Has Nothing But Rashmi’s Tease

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