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'Ee Rojullo' Review: Hits The Target

'Ee Rojullo' Review: Hits The Target

Film: Ee Rojullo
Rating: 3.25/5
Sreeni, Reshma, Sai, Bhargavi, Rajasekhar Gavara, MS Narayana, Ambati Rambabu etc
Music: JB
Camera: Prabhakar Reddy
Editing: Uddhav
Producers: Good Friends
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue, Direction: Maruthi
Released On: 23 March 2012
It is a general opinion that the films with new faces, low budget and that too when released only in small number of remote theatres end up as failures, at this juncture. Yes, it is difficult to make the presence of a small film felt in the wide spread media channels. But 'Ee Rojullo' makers could turn the heads of public with their uncompromised publicity. The film released on the day of Ugadi has recorded housefuls for the morning show, surprisingly. Let us see what the content in it is.
Sree (Sreeni) is the guy who gets betrayed by his lover Rajni. She uses him as an ATM and later jumps away with other guy. Hence Sree takes an oath not to get carried away by any girl in future.
Similarly Shreya (Reshma) is a girl who gets harassed by her friend Kishore with bad phone calls. She takes a resolution not to make friendship with any boys. Both Sree and Reshma are not known to each other till then but they take firm decision in the matter if friendship with opposite sex.
They happen to encounter each other. What happens from then, forms the rest of the story!
Sreeni has got no features of a hero. That is the biggest plus point for entire film. He could get connected to the youth with a boy next door look. His expressions, dialogue delivery and everything matched the requirement and he is a director's actor.
Reshma is good with features of Trisha. She tried to imitate Trisha in many occasions and even that didn’t bring any boredom.
Comedian Sai entertained to the fullest with his stammering. Director used this character to generate symbolic vulgarity and that too effectively played with censor board.
Rajasekhar Gavara, who appeared as lover to a character named Bhargavi also entertained well with his serious love.
MS Narayana is ok as guest character. Ambati Rambabu is ok.

  • Youthful comedy
  • Natural story line


  • Weak climax
  • Loosely gripped second half

First half of the film brings non stop laughs. The suggestive vulgarity brought by spoofing countless vulgar lines prevalent among youth is the crux of comedy in this film. The narration is brisk but the editing could have been better.
This is the film that entertained the targeted audience perfectly. On the other hand economically, this is the wisest move. But it appeared no where that the film was made with low budget. The Canon 5D camera that was introduced by Ram Gopal Varma with Dongala Mutha with wide publicity is effectively used by 'Ee Rojullo' team. It is needless to say that this film becomes a trend setter in catching the attention of many small film makers as the budget can be curtailed to the massive level.
The content of the film is very strong as per the targeted audience. That is the oxygen for the film. This is the right example for a successful film that has shown its adeptness right from making and promotion. Initially, the positioning of the film is weak, but now it is needless to say that the theatres can be increased for this. Besides, it's also proved that audience can go to any remote theatre if the talk of the film is good.
Many have been saying that this film cannot entertain family audience. But this is not meant for them. It is perfectly meant for present day youth audience with mass taste and the makers proved successful in that.
This film is a path maker for many small films and Canon 5D becomes the mantra of Tollywood from now. Ram Gopal Varma who turned the presentation of Tollywood cinema with ‘Shiva’ in 1989 has again turned the fate the economics of cinema with Canon 5D formula that was effectively used by ‘Ee Rojullo’ maker Maruthi.
Bottomline: Watch it if your heart is youthful

Reviewed By Greatandhra Team