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'Daggaraga Dooranga' Review: Near To Flop, Far From Hit

'Daggaraga Dooranga' Review: Near To Flop, Far From Hit

Rating: 2/5
Sudha Cinema
Cast: Sumanth, Vedhika, Brahmanandam, Sindhu Tolani, Raghu Babu and others
Music: Raghu Kunche
Cinematographer: Surendar Reddy
Editor: Nandamuri Hari
Story, screenplay, Direction: Ravi Chavali
Producer: J Sambasiva Rao
Release date: 26/08/2011

Slated to be a variety thriller, the film brings about the trio of an unsuccessful hero, heroine and director. Let us see if this one brings them some relief.
Gautam (Sumanth) is an ad film director and for one of his projects, he doesn’t get the right face. So, he uses the photoshop technology and comes up with an imaginative face and names it as Kamakshi. However, there is a girl called Meenakshi (Vedhika) who looks exactly like the created Kamakshi and her engagement gets cancelled due to the morphed model. To settle a score, Meenakshi takes the help of her journalist friend Zarina (Sindhu) who is investigating on a terrorist group. Zarina gathers evidence and gives it to Meenakshi but gets killed. A sequence of events leads the police to believe Gautam and Meenakshi are also terrorists. What happens from there forms the rest of the story.
Sumanth’s character has no scope for performance or show heroism. He is just part of all the other characters. However, he managed not to have any minuses from his end.
Vedhika pushed her act in a so-so manner. Though she looks pretty in few scenes, there is nothing significant about her performance.
Brahmanandam brings some time pass with his comedy and performance during the second half. Of course, this is nothing different from the several roles he did before.
The cheap comedy between Rajesh and Raghu Babu might appeal to the masses. Krishna Bhagawan’s satires didn’t work that much. Sindhu Tolani was okay while Pragathi did her usual overaction. The actor who did the role of Umar did a decent job. No point in discussing about others.

  • Songs and background score
  • Cinematography


  • Poor production values
  • Not enough depth to justify thriller genre
  • The thought of creating an imaginary heroine is silly
  • Concept of terrorism was amateur

The first thirty minutes of the film is spent in silly scenes and the audience doesn’t get a doubt that this will shape up as a thriller. The mass comedy between Rajesh and Raghu Babu worked as tonic for masses. Once the subject of terrorism enters, the screenplay should have picked up but that didn’t happen. From there, the director didn’t add comedy or enough thrill elements making it a boring subject.

He annoys with a screenplay that lacks grip. If it was not for Brahmanandam’s comedy that came to the rescue, the film would have failed further. However, even his contribution was not complete.

The abrupt climax is another setback. Overall, this is a film which fails to appeal any genre of audience as its genre is confusing.
Bottomline: Stay far from the film!!

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