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'Daagudumoota Dandakor' Review: This Is One Bland Bird

'Daagudumoota Dandakor' Review: This Is One Bland Bird

Movie: Daagudumoota Dandakor
Rating: 2.5/5
Usha Kiran Movies, First Frame Entertainments
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Sara Arjun, Sidhu, Sri Harsha, Satyam Rajesh and Others
Story: A L Vijay
Dialogues: Ashok Kumar
Music: V S Murthy
Editor: Dharmendra Kakarala
Producer: Ramoji Rao
Direction: R K Malineni
Release Date: May 9th, 2015

Some movies are made to entertain the audiences and some are made to entertain and give a message to the audiences. Now, this latest offering from Ramoji Rao and Krish is an effort in the second category.

Incidentally, the film is a remake of Tamil film Saivam. Though a small budget film, the film was successful in its own way in Tamil as the story and the picturisation worked well with the sensibilities of the Tamil audiences. Also, the film had various real-life experiences of Tamil film director A L Vijay, which also worked in favour of the film.

So when such a film is remade in another language, bringing in the original flavour is not an easy job. Though the characters and situations remain the same, it is tough to retain the original spirit at times and that is exactly the problem with Daagudumoota Dandakor.

Though it has been remade line by line, the film does not provide the drama and feel of the original film. In Tamil, Vijay’s personal touch and impressive music worked in favour of the film.

In Telugu, the movie ends up being a bland fare with very little to offer apart from the message about refraining from animal sacrifice for our well-being and another message about vegetarianism.

Well, that said, the film has some major flaws which make it for a tedious watch. In fact, to be fair to the director, the flaws are a part of the Tamil version too. But the Tamil director intelligently covers them up with some interesting music and situations. Ironically, the same situations seem out of place in the Telugu version.

As for the story, Rajendra Prasad plays Raju garu, the village headman whose children come over for holidays. Since they realize that their family is facing problems as they don’t appease the village deity, they decide to sacrifice a hen to please the goddess Poleramma.

So it is decided by the family elders that a hen named Nani that has been with them for over four years would be the ideal option. However, hearing this, Raju gari’s granddaughter Bangaram (Sara Arjun) panics and hides Nani in the attic. But when they go to get Nani, Nani disappears. And from then on, all the family takes to village streets to find Nani. So will they or won’t they sacrifice Nani forms the rest of the story.

Though the film shows the family coming together after a long time, there is no fun or emotional scenes that touch your hearts. Also, as mentioned earlier, G Prakash’s music was a huge plus for the original. Mixing classical and folk tunes, he totally won over the audiences there. But in Telugu, Murthy’s music does not make it to the mark.

As for the cast, Rajendra Prasad is quite a pro and a seasoned hand at acting and he is as good as ever as the village headman. But it is baby Sara Arjun who steals the show with her cute looks and equally cute expressions.

The rest of the cast put in average performances which cannot be labeled natural. Another girl who needs a mention is Nithya Shetty who reminds one of Colours Swati.

Another major drawback of the film is the technical departments. There is nothing different or exceptional to write home about. Cinematography and music are pretty average. Similarly, most of the scenes are lifeless. And the film lacks drama which makes viewing tedious after a point.

Though the film is based on a good concept and had good scope, it is surely not a film that would be etched on the minds of audiences.

Bottomline: Nani becomes a lost cause

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