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D For Dopidi Review: A For Average

D For Dopidi Review: A For Average

Film: D For Dopidi
Rating: 2.5/5
D2R Films Pvt Ltd
Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Varun Sandesh, Naveen, Rakesh, Tanikella Bharani, Deva Katta, Hema, Melanie, Fish Venkat and others
Music: Mahesh Shankar
Cinematographer: Lucas
Editor: Dharmendra
Director: Siraj Kalla
Producers: Raj Nidimoru, DK, Nani
Release date: 25/12/2013
Flop hero Varun Sandesh has teamed up with Sundeep Kishan who just got a breather recently from his flops. Together, they have come up with a different subject. Let us see if they are good enough.
Four friends Raju, Vicky, Harish, Bannu (Sundeep, Varun, Naveen, Rakesh) are having their own share of problems related to loans and love. So they decide to loot a bank and clear all their headaches. Finally they hatch a plan and execute it successfully to an extent. Trouble comes in different forms and their plans go haywire due to various twists. But whether they are successful in solving their problems or not forms the rest of the story.
Sundeep Kishan played along with his role in the required manner. It is a moderate act with nothing special to talk about or create a difference in the minds of audience.

Varun Sandesh managed to show few sparks through his expressions and dialogue delivery. Though his role was also mediocre he put in his best efforts.
Harish did his role with confidence and he was apt for the character. Rakesh brought in few smiles and worked well to add some value. Tanikella Bharani was good, Deva Katta was a surprise package, his screen presence and dialogue delivery were quite impressive. Hema did her bit well, Melanie didn’t get much scope but she has a tinge of sex appeal. Others contributed in their own way.

  • Concept
  • First half 


  • Second half
  • Weak screenplay
  • Logical loopholes
  • Insufficient entertainment
  • Dialogues

A series of small filmmakers are coming in and they seem to be having a good set of creative ideas in their basket. It is true that they might have a strong conviction about their story and how it is going to work but the point is, unless they don’t know how to conceive it rightly in the cinematic format their efforts wont work. 

It is not just about a good subject, it is about the right packaging so that the audience in theatres connect to it and experience the whole theme.

Here, the concept of the film was good but when logic is left to the winds the director must be sharp enough to fill it with enough energy and entertainment so that such drawbacks can be exempted.

The main strength comes from dialogues and unless the lines come with strong punch and funny satires theatres will not reverberate with enjoyment.

If that is not happening then the energy levels must be constant and emotional peaks must be drawn now and then. That way, the director managed to create an impact with the idea and few twists with a lighter vein but he was not able to take the film completely to a new level and ensure it lands on the right note.

The film takes off promisingly and the stage looks set for some pace and energetic entertainment but inconsistency in the screenplay brought down the graph.

The interval bang created some promise but as always the second half has lost out on elevating the story. Couple of shots like the accident scene or the running scene was well done but the rest of the frames were quite inferior, even the RR played a spoilsport. 

Point is, budget is important but if certain aspects of quality are not checked then the entire project sinks. Anyhow, the film has just something to watch for but not enough to pull the crowds.
Bottomline: D For Doubtful

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