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Bramayugam Review: A Different Horror Thriller

Bramayugam Review: A Different Horror Thriller

Movie: Bramayugam
Rating: 3/5
Night Shift Studios & YNOT Studios
Cast: Mammootty, Arjun Ashokan, Sidharth Bharathan, Amalda Liz and others
Music: Christo Xavier
DOP: Shehnad Jalal
Editor: Shafique Mohamed Ali
Art Director: Jothish Shankar
Producers: Ramachandra Chakravarthy, S. Sashikanth
Written and Directed by: Rahul Sadasivan
Release Date: Feb 23, 2024

"Bramayugam," a Malayalam film featuring Mammootty, achieved great success in Kerala and has sparked a lot of discussion and appreciation among film lovers.

Let's assess the Telugu dubbed version.

The story is set in the eighteenth century in South Malabar. Devan (Arjun Ashokan), who flees from enslavement, arrives in a location next to a river. He observes an ancient palace and enters it for shelter. There, he encounters Potty (Mammootty) and his cook residing in the house. Upon discovering that Devan is a singer, Potty invites him to be his guest and offers him food.

Devan subsequently discovers that the mansion contains hidden truths and is inhabited by a demon. Devan recognizes that Potty has trapped him in this location, making it impossible for him to leave. Will Devan eventually break free, and what motivates Potty to engage in such evil activities?

Artistes’ Performances:
Mammootty is absolutely terrific. He appears soft at first, but as his character develops, his expressions and laughter alone evoke horror. Mammootty's performance is the film's main strength. He maintains an air of mystery through his wickedness.

Arjun Ashokan is another standout performer in the film. More than Mammootty, we see Arjun Ashokan in the film, and he expresses fearfulness and helplessness effectively. Siddharth initially underplays his part, but his importance grows as the story progresses.

Technical Excellence:
Horror thrillers necessitate robust technical execution. The film "Bramayugam" is entirely filmed in black and white and showcases exceptional technical quality.

The sound design and mixing, combined with the solid background music, are the primary strengths of this project.

The entire drama unfolds within a decrepit palace, and the production design effectively establishes the necessary sense of eeriness.

The cinematography is creative as well. The editing is precise in the first half but loses momentum in the second half.

Mammootty’s incredible performance
Unique narration
Sound design and music
Black and white setting

Climax sequence
Vagueness at some places
Slow narration

Mammootty, a legendary Malayalam megastar, has turned 72 recently. At this age, he doesn't need to prove anything because he's seen countless blockbusters and received numerous awards for his performances. This appears to have prompted him to move beyond traditional main roles and push the envelope. He has recently taken on a variety of roles and appeared in offbeat films. He portrayed a homosexual in one of his most recent critically acclaimed flicks. Mammootty's performance in "Bramayugam" as a wicked and negative character astounds us as well.

"Bramayugam" is a period horror drama that is totally shot in black and white, creating an eerie atmosphere. Horror films typically unfold in isolated settings with limited characters. The film "Bramayugam" is a period drama set in the 1700s, taking place in an old palace with three main protagonists and two minor characters. The entire film centers on Mammootty and two other actors but the story begins with the character of Devan, played by Arjun Ashokan.

Arjun Ashokan's perspective drives the narrative, gradually unveiling several facets of Mammootty's character's evil plans. As each layer is peeled away, tension increases and curiosity intensifies.

The film also addresses topics such as kings, feudal lords, caste inequality, and the corruption of power. Additionally, there are fantasy aspects represented by a female character. These factors have contributed to provide the film with a unique experience.

Mammotty's close-up shots and laughter are spine-chilling. Director Rahul's storytelling in the first half of the film is both captivating and distinctive.

Still, there are moments when the plot leaves things unclear. It incorporates elements of class politics and philosophy, which are vague at times. Furthermore, the film transitions into a typical horror thriller towards the end, and the climax lacks intensity. In the second half, the narration turns slow further. Despite these issues, “Bramayugam” is captivating for the most part.

Overall, "Bramayugam" is an intriguing combination of mystery, horror themes, and folklore. This black-and-white film offers a unique experience with its captivating narrative, impressive sound design, and Mammootty's spellbinding performance. Although the narration is slow and the climax is regular, it still provides a different feel.

Bottom line: Chilling


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