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'Ayyare' Review: Practical and Passable

'Ayyare' Review: Practical and Passable

Rating: 2.75/5
Preetham Productions
Cast: Rajendra Prasad, Sai Kumar, Anisha Singh, Aditi Agarwal and others
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Editing: Praveen Pudi
Cinematographer: Samala Bhaskar
Story, screenplay, direction: Sagar Chandra
Producers: B Sudhakar Babu, Rangana Achappa
Release date: 20/01/2012
The film ‘Ayyare’ was in news with controversies surrounded it. The get up of Rajendra Prasad as Swamiji resembled Nityananda and the latter filed a case in court and brought stay for the release of the film. But after facing many ordeals, at last the film came to theatres today. Rajendra Prasad is currently on a comeback mode and this time he has come up with a different role. How effective is the film let us see.
Prasad (Rajendra Prasad) is a security guard at an ATM and he has his daughter whom he dotes upon.

However, his life takes a turn when the girl is detected with cancer and her treatment requires a lot of money. He plans to go to Muscat but that misfires and under unexpected circumstances, he emerges as a Swamiji.

On the other hand, there is Venkatesam (Sivaji) a mechanic who is in love with a rich girl Anjali (Anisha). Her father (Sivaprasad) agrees to the alliance but later he returns and rejects it without giving any reasons. But there is a link between Prasad and Venkatesam. And there is a link between Prasad and the police officer Gajapathi (Sai Kumar).

What is that link? How does the whole thing get resolved forms the rest of the story.
Rajendra Prasad comes up with yet another riveting performance and he delivers wherever required. There is an aura about him whenever he comes in the getup of a spiritual person.
Sai Kumar is yet another asset to the film. His dialogue delivery and his characterization was good. Though his role was brief, he makes his presence felt strongly. 
Anisha Singh has given a decent act considering her debut performance. Sivaprasad was up to the mark. Srinivas Reddy was hilarious. Ali came and went. Phanikanth, who appeared as senior police cop performed well as good as a comedy devotee. Melkote was reasonable. Venu Madhav was usual. Aditi Agarwal could not deliver the oomph with the item song.

  • Storyline
  • Rajendra Prasad and Sai Kumar’s performances
  • Second half
  • Last scene


  • First half
  • Music
  • Weak commercial values

For a film to be successful, it has to be a mix of good content and equally good publicity into the audience. If either one of them fails the film is bound to suffer. In this film, the director needs to be appreciated for coming up with a sensible subject.

Secondly, he must be appreciated for choosing the right kind of actors who can deliver (Rajendra Prasad and Sai Kumar). He packaged the film with some practical dialogues and the message he wanted to convey to the audience also is relevant. 

While all this is appreciated, there are few other things to be taken care of. The film needs to come up with the right amount of publicity and marketing. Despite the presence of a good subject and efficient cast, the film was lacking the appeal due to positioning and budget constraints.

Given the topic, it may not be a subject which can strike a chord with the masses. Overall, this is a film which is good in content and execution but in order to score a hit, the makers must come up with some aggressive marketing.

Bottomline: Sensible story with average appeal

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