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Action Review: Action Overload

Action Review: Action Overload

Movie: Action
Rating: 2.5/5
Sri Karthikeya Cinemas
Cast: Vishal, Tamannah, Aishwarya Laxmi, Akanksha Puri, Shayaji Shinde, Kabir Singh, and others
Music: Hip-hop Thamizha
Cinematography: Dudley
Editing: NB Srikanth
Producer: Srinivas Adepu
Written and directed by: Sundar C
Release date: November 15, 2019

Of late, Vishal has been presenting interesting movies. After ‘Abhimanyudu’ and ‘Pandem Kodi 2’, he has done action thriller ‘Action’. The film has generated interest with the railer.

Let’s find out its merits and demerits.

Colonel Subash (Vishal) is an army officer but his entire family is into politics.

When his brother who would become the next Chief Minister’s death happens due to a political assassination, Vishal finds out that terrorist Malik (Kabir Singh) has hatched this plan and he’s hiding in Pakistan.

Subash now takes up this mission to bring Malik to India. He seeks the help of Diya (Tamannah) in his mission.

Artistes’ Performances:
Vishal has an action-star image and he pulls the role with so much ease. His best comes out in action stunts, there is nothing for him to showcase acting skills other than flexing muscles.

Tamannah adds the oomph factor, she also does stunts. Glamorous Akanksha Puri is hot. Kabir Duhan Singh as the terrorist is okay.

Technical Excellence:
The making standards of the movie are superior, a notch above the regular big-budgeted movies. The action sequences are choreographed in a jaw-dropping manner, the filming is equally frenetic.

Excellent cinematography, exotic locations, and action stunts have given the film a rich look.

Background music by HipHop Tamizha is also an asset. While the editing is sharp in the first half, it is inconsistent post-interval.

Action Scenes
Technical Aspects

Thin plot
Unconvincing final hour
Logic goes missing

As the name suggests, “Action” is all about action. You see non-stop action in the movie. The plotline is familiar and thin but director Sundar C and his team have made this film a gripping action drama in the first half.

Like in Akshay Kumar’s ‘Baby’, the narration is quite gripping. With jaw-dropping action sequences, the first half of the movie is a thrill pill and it reaches a crescendo at the interval.

The stunning interval bang sets high expectations but it fizzles out from there. 

The final 45 minutes completely go off the track as the proceedings turn quite predictable and logic completely goes for a toss. 

As per the setup of the story, it is much like a regular terrorist drama. There is no proper script on the director’s hands.

Vishal doing dare-devil stunts, Aakanksha Puri and Tamannah providing glamour pill provide paisa vasool moments. But with not much meat in the plot, the grip is lost in the second half. 

Sequences like easy political assassination on a future PM, a colonel doing everything all alone, while the entire political system is sleeping makes us ask a question: is there no logic at all?

Shot in several exotic locations like Turkey and Azerbaijan, the frames have looked dipping in richness. Money has spent heavily on rich production design. The action blocks are also of superior class.

The film does provide an entertaining experience to some extent but it would have made a better action movie had the director worked on final portions and a better story.

If you are new to this genre, it might give thrills but for regular action movie lovers, this is typical drama. All in all, this is an average action fare.

Bottom-line: Guns and Girls


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