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Aaviri Review: Thrills Gone in Thin Air

Aaviri Review: Thrills Gone in Thin Air

Movie: Aaviri
Rating: 1.5/5
Flying Frogs
Cast: Ravi Babu, Neha Chauhan, Priya Vadlamani, Sreemuktha, Mukthar Khan and others
Screenplay: Sathyanand
Music: Vaidhee
Cinematography: N Sudhakar Reddy
Editing: Marthand Venkatesh
Art: Narayana Reddy
Written, produced and directed by: Ravi Babu
Release date: November 1, 2019

Allari Ravi Babu is not new to the genre of horror thrillers. He has made several movies but his recent graph is pretty. Has he bounced back with this latest outing “Aaviri”?

Let’s find out.

A businessman Raj (Ravi Babu), his wife Leena (Neha Chauhan) and their younger daughter Munni move into an old palatial house that is built in a huge land in the heart of the city, after their first daughter died in a swimming pool in their previous residence. 

Munni sees a ghost which tries to take her away from this home which is secured with cameras. After multiple failed attempts, Munni finally goes missing from the house.

What is the mystery behind this ghost? 

Artistes’ Performances:
All performances are monotonous, with stock expressions. Ravi Babu and newcomer Neha don’t make any impact.

The little girl is cute in her expressions. Mukthar looks more like a corporate guy than a police officer.   

Technical Excellence:
All Ravi Babu’s thrillers are shot in a single home with brightly decorated walls. He brings neat visuals within the limited setup of locations. Artwork is neat. Cinematography is adequate.

Some scenes towards the end 

Predictable storyline
Nothing new
Outdated tricks

An invisible ghost moves a chair, throws cups or glasses in the air, rams a person with a scooty and scares a Swiggy delivery boy. These are the spooky elements that Ravi Babu has presented us in this new ghost thriller ‘Aaviri’.

Ravi Babu himself had given us such stock thrills in his earlier films like ‘Avunu’ or ‘Avunu 2’.

By misguiding the viewers that the dead sister’s spirit is doing all these tricks to the most part, he reveals another twist in the end.

It looks like he has completely relied on this trick and weaved the screenplay. But this so-called shocking twist hardly shocks us. 

We can easily guess who the villain is. Also, many scenes defy simple logic. 

The new theory that he establishes in this film is that ‘spirits’ can’t bear the heat. If the person who is possessed by a spirit is locked in a steam room, the spirit will reveal the truths. This is what we get to know from this movie. 

With stock situations, regular scenes and non-spooky elements, ‘Aaviri’ is rather a dull movie than a horror thriller. Ravi Babu disappoints once again with outdated ideas.

Bottom-line: Steam Bath!

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