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'Aaha Kalyanam' Review: No 'Aaha'- Just Kalyanam!

'Aaha Kalyanam' Review: No 'Aaha'- Just Kalyanam!

Film: Aaha Kalyanam
Rating: 2.5/5
Nani, Vani Kapoor, Badava Gopi, MJ Sreeram, Karthik Nagarajan, Simran (in guest appearance)
Story: Maneesh Sharma
Music: Dharan Kumar
Camera: Loganathan Srinivasan
Editing: Bavan Sreekumar
Direction: Gokul Krishna
Production: Aditya Chopra
Released On: 21st Feb 2014

It has been almost 4 years that 'Band Baja Baarat' released and made enough fortune at the box office. And little while ago the film 'Jabardasth' had hit the Telugu screens and much to the shock of everyone, that happened to be a lift and shift from 'Band Baja Baarat' with some improvisations. The film failed miserably. Now, 'Aaha Kalyanam' has come both in Tamil and Telugu tagging itself as an official remake of 'band Baaja Baarat'. Let us get into the details to know how far it could entertain the Telugu audience. 

Shakti (Nani) and Sruthi (Vani) walk out from the company of a leading wedding planner (Simran) and start their own new company, They name it 'Gatti Melam' and with their synergy they excel in the field and almost give a threat even for Simran's company. Shakti grows from rags to riches with the collaboration of Sruthi. But ego clashes ignite between the two. Lack of understanding and disturbed relation makes Sruthi to kick out Shakti from Gatti Melam. Then Shakti starts his own firm 'Happy Wedding'. What happens from then forms the story. 

Nani looked like a dwarf beside Vaani proving that it's a wrong choice. And Vaani is voluptuous but not so appealing and in tune with the taste of Telugu audience. 

Badava Gopi as Hyder and MJ Sreeram were just for screen sake and they added nothing for the entertainment quotient. 

Simran's role was brief and there is no room for her to do anything other than appearing in a couple of different costumes and showing some bossy airs. 

Music is dull and Pritam's 'tum ho bandhu..' tune from Cocktail was apparently lifted into it. Direction is just ok but he could have worked more to bring out his abilities that could attract new producers. 


  • Nani


  • Lack of entertainment

Though promoted as a bilingual, it appeared more like a dubbed film. Care was not taken even during the close up shots with respect to lip sync. The nativity factor was also missed with proper Tamil casting. And it is needless to say how the dialogue pattern sounds in a dubbed film. 

Except Nani, there is nothing that pulls the Telugu crowds to theatres. And it is true that the trailer has a pull factor as it proved successful in bluffing the audience that it is a tight packed rom com entertainer. 

Much to the disappointment, the film runs like a dull drama with a single line story, predicted twists and more predicted conclusions. Since it's already watched by many Telugu audience earlier, this film promises nothing new. The songs were also not gripping. 

First half is just ok and interval bang has some romance on screen. The second half goes serious and finally ends up abruptly in a lighter note. 

Actually, there is ample scope to create humor when Shakti starts his new company after getting kicked out by Sruthi. But director didn't use the space.

The beginning, the bonding, the conflict, the solution and the reunion happens in a flow and there are no screenplay wonders. All in all, it's a film that can be watched at leisure on youtube. 

Bottom line: It's not a grand marriage!

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