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'A Aa' Review: A Trivi-Mark Family Entertainer

'A Aa' Review: A Trivi-Mark Family Entertainer

Movie: A Aa 
Rating: 3.25/5
Haarika & Hasine Creationss
Cast: Nithin, Samantha, Anupama Parameshwaran, Nadiya, Rao Ramesh, Ananya, Giribabu, Praveen, Avasarala, Ajay and others 
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography: Natarajan Subramanian
Editor: Kotagiri Venkatehswara Rao
Art: A S Prakash
Producer: S Radhakrishna 
Story, Screenplay, dialogues and direction: Trivikram
Release Date: 2 June 2016

Whoever the hero is, Trivikram’s films are the most-awaited movies by all sections of audiences. The writer-director has great fan following as his movies offer great entertainment and his writing is sensible.

After directing big heroes in series of movies, he has announced “A Aa” with Nithin and Samantha. Since the announcement, the film has raised expectations as he said he is going to the roots – to make movies in pure form minus buildup scenes for hero. So has he delivered with this? Let's find out..

Anand Vihari (Nithin) works as caterer cum chef in Hyderabad. He belongs to middle-class family and has many responsibilities to fulfill like marrying off his sister (Ananya) and clearing off debts.

On the other hand, Anasuya Ramalingam (Samantha) is daughter of rich and strict mother (Nadiya). When her mother goes on a business trip, her father sends to her Kalavapudi village near Vijayawada to spend some time at Anand Vihari’s home.

Anand Vihari happens to be her baava but she doesn’t know about his family till she is sent there. While she happily discovers the joy of being at her aunt’s house, she also comes to know why her aunt’s family and her mother are not on talking terms. Rest of the movie drama is all about how Anand Vihari achieves all the hurdles to get married to Anasuya.

Artistes’ Performances:
Nithin has given his best performance to date in this film in the role of Anand Vihari. He has shown so much maturity. He has also looked handsome and his chemistry with Samantha is sizzling.

Samantha as Anasuya is cute and has carried the author-backed role with so much ease. After a long time, Samantha has looked beautiful. The one who steals the show is Rao Ramesh. His punch dialogues are enough to enjoy the movie. The movie gives a good feel because of his acting and dialogue delivery in the end.

Anupama in her debut Telugu movie is decent. Ananya as Nithin’s sister is perfect. Nadiya as rich and proud mother of Samantha is suited well to the role. So is Naresh, as meek husband of Nadiya. Ajay as Rao Ramesh’s son, Avasarala in a brief role are good too. Comedian Praveen has best character. 

Technical Excellence:
Dialogues by Trivikram have elevated the story. They are situational yet sound good to ears. And cinematography is the main highlight of the movie. Bollywood cinematographer Nataraj Subramanian has filmed it with so much care with aesthetic sense. The locations of Pollachi have looked completely new and even more beautiful.

The house set created by A S Prakash and the props he has made for the songs are good. Music by Mickey J Meyer is another plus point. All songs are pleasant. Pick of the lot are – “Gopala Gopala”, “Anasuya Kosam” and “Yellipoke Shyamala”. Lots of unnecessary scenes are kept by the editor. But the dance choreography is good.


  • Trivikram mark dialogues and narration
  • Nithin and Samantha’s chemistry
  • Climax episode
  • Beautiful camera work and Songs
  • Rao Ramesh’s dialogues


  • Dull moments post interval
  • Routine storyline

Trivikram wanted to tell a story where he doesn’t have to focus more on hero and building up his image scenes. Hence, he made “A Aa” with Nithin to tell a story in which hero is a normal middle-class guy with some problems. He has succeeded to the maximum.

The story is not new (story is similar to old movie “Meena”) but the emotions, the romance, the characters he created are interesting. The romantic track between Anasuya (Samantha) and Anand (Nithin) is highly engaging. So is their chemistry.

Trivikram’s core strength has always been writing family drama and dialogues that touch the emotional chord. He has excelled at them.

The confrontation scene where Nithin talks to Nadiya saying he will tell four lines that you should remember is best one. And when the movie ends, there is a prolonged epilogue on Rao Ramesh, which is crackling funny. Rao Ramesh’s performance, his dialogues are clap worthy.

While Trivikram has shown his mastery here, he has also under performed as writer director in other sequences. The movie has lot of flab. The Avasarala thread is totally boring. The Posani and Sana sequences don’t bring any laughs but actually irritate. 

Even the scene involving Jabardasth comedian with Samantha showing off her naval part is stretched beyond a point. While these sequences are slur on this beautiful family drama, the emotional scenes and Nithin’s class act and Samantha’s beauty with superb visuals make the movie engrossing.

When we exit the theatre, we leave with nice feeling as Rao Ramesh’s comedy dialogues ring in our ears. All in all, “A Aa” is a pleasant movie with good dialogues, beautiful cinematography, nice music, and terrific chemistry between Nithin and Samantha.

Watchable for its lighter moments and emotional sequences.

Bottom-line: Many Aaha Moments

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