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'24 Kisses' Review: 24 Carat Bore

'24 Kisses' Review: 24 Carat Bore

Movie: 24 Kisses
Rating: 1/5
Silly Monks Creations
Cast: Adith Arun, Hebbah Patel, Naresh, Rao Ramesh, Aditi Myakal and others
Cinematography: Uday Gurrala
Music Director: Joi Barua
Editor: Aalayam Anil
Writers: AyodhyaKumar Krishnamsetty, Hari Shankar
Produced by: Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala, AyodhyaKumar Krishnamsetty 
Story, screenplay and directed by: AyodhyaKumar Krishnamsetty
Release date: Nov 23, 2018

The trailer of '24 Kisses' has generated great buzz as it showed many steamy kiss scenes. The online and social media buzz was huge.

Let’s find out whether the film is worth the hype.

Sri Lakshmi (Hebbah Patel), a mass communication student, gets attracted to a movie director who conducts workshops as mentor in her college. The director is Anand (Adith Arun). There is a book which tells that if a couple kiss 24 times, their love would thicken.

Sri Lakshmi falls in love with him after few kisses both of them go to Goa and make love. She later comes to know that he doesn’t like the idea of ‘committing love’ or getting married. They separate, six months later he comes back to her.

What happens next?

Artistes’ Performances:
Arun Adith as an art filmmaker with confused ideas and who has personal issues has played his role well.

Hebbah Patel’s characterization lacks depth. However, both of them have indulged in many steamy kisses. No recent film has such passionate lip-to-lip kisses.

Rao Ramesh as psychologist provides some laughs but his role is quite silly and his therapy sessions with Arun Adith are boring. Naresh is okay.

Technical Excellence:
The film is shot in limited budget but the cinematography is neat. Art work is also decent. The music is too arty.

Kiss scenes

Boring second half
Pointless sequences
Abstract ideas
Adult stuff

The first thing that comes to our mind while watching “24 Kisses” is that Tollywood filmmakers are shedding inhibitions in showing lip-locks and filming them in daring manner. This is positive sign but sadly the kiss scenes are being planted for titillation rather than depicting romance between the pair.

As the title of the movie says, it is all about “24 Kisses” between the hero and heroine. First 13 kisses are showed in speedy manner and their romance is established neatly.

When the time for conflict point comes the movie completely turns boring with pointless exercise and many scenes border on semi-porn.

It begins with hero narrating his story facing the wall while a psychologist is listening him. It is first established that hero needs therapy, he feels lonely.

When his love story is revealed, we get to know points like, he is struggling to get funds for his next movie that deals with malnourished children and the other point is that he is attracted to heroine but has commitment issues.

Is this film about his attempt to make a film on children or overcoming his personal issues to unite with his lover?

The film goes in many directions and the hero speaks like Robert Mckee (story guru) and other aspects of filmmaking, philosophical terms, and also about the plight of poor children.

In between he kisses his heroine and we also come to know that he had sex with some other girls.

After a point audiences will lose the track of what is actually going on the screen? It talks about too many issues and indulges in kiss scenes for titillation and hero sings songs explaining kisses that he gave at various places and on various body parts.

Heroine also keeps searching the meaning of these kisses on various body parts. She writes the meaning on a piece of paper and ties the paper to a Rose bud.

The hero keeps talking about children and looks for funding to make a movie on kids but he actually is indulging in “adult stuff” constantly. The second half completely puts you to sleep with its nonsensical drive.

“24 Kisses” joins the club of badly made boring movies this year. Overall, it is a pointless exercise from a director who seems to be confused about what to make with this plain theme.

Bottom-line: Horrendous