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'1000 Abaddalu' Review: Blockbuster Hit

'1000 Abaddalu' Review: Blockbuster Hit

Film: 1000 abaddalu
Rating: 2/5 (yes, the heading is lie number 1001)
 Chitram Movies
Cast: Sairam Shankar, Esther, Nagababu, Hema, Babu Mohan, Sameer Reddy, Vizag Prasad, Naresh, Kondavalasa, RJ Hemant and others
Music: Ramana Gogula
Cinematographer: Rasool Ellore
Editor: Gopi Krishna
Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction: Teja
Producer: Paladugu Sunitha
Release date: 15/08/2013

After scoring a dud with ‘Neeku Naaku Dash Dash’ director Teja is back and this time he has chosen another unusual concept. Whether it is good enough or not, let us see

Satya (Sairam Shankar) comes from a well to do family and he chances upon Sathya (Esther) and falls for her at first sight. But the problem is, Sathya is already engaged to another person (Sameer Reddy). Still, Satya doesn’t give up and he cooks up few situations to get close to her. Finally, Sathya falls for Satya and she breaks her engagement to get married. However, the lies that Satya cooked to get her get discovered and both take a divorce. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

Sairam Shankar didn’t really offer an impact creating performance and he has to work on getting a new stylist. But his efforts to contribute to the story were genuine.

Esther is the perfect package of raw sex appeal, wild beauty and a decent level of performance. She is a treat to the male eyes and if she plans her career well she can grow.

Nagababu was fabulous. He has shown a different side of actor in him through this role and played a key role in bringing some comic relief. He is one actor whose potential is yet to be tapped properly.

Comedians of Jabardasth comedy show fame, have made their presence felt but with feeble comedy.

The actors like Nalla Venu, Suman who did the role of Sairam’s friends were good and brought some entertainment. Hema was aggressive as usual. Naresh was hardly there. Good to see Babu Mohan back. Kondavalasa was okay. Others didn’t have much scope to perform.


  • Songs
  • Esther


  • Stale plot
  • Weak screenplay
  • Amateur comedy
  • Poor emotional quotient

There is a general belief among the audience that once a director churns out a hit or two he is considered to be having full material.

But over the years, we have seen many directors flashing like a comet and disappearing. At one point, many expected Teja to change the face of Tollywood but after flying high for a while he has crash landed. And his recent efforts are a mirror to his work.

The latest to join his list of poor works is this film. What he needs to realize is the awareness and intellect of the audience has enhanced from ‘Chitram’ days and what he thinks is comedy is actually an immature act of childish humour.

Of course, he showed few sparks of brilliance by giving interesting captions on the poster, during the interval but if he had shown the same focus on the script and screenplay, the result would have been much better. The film takes off on a flashback mode but there are many times one doesn’t really find the sync or the required emotion. The interval bang was alright and the second half was having few ups and downs.

Overall, there has been a good level of fluctuation where some scenes looked good and some were bad. The Teja mark is clearly missing and maybe it is time for him to come out of his ego trip and work on his subject with conviction.

The posters were made with the caption as a challenge to audience "navvakunda ee cinema choodagalara?" Yes, the audience have won!!

Bottomline: Amateurish

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