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Will Rajini succeed or turn another Pawan?

Will Rajini succeed or turn another Pawan?

Putting an end to speculations that have been doing rounds for years, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth on Thursday announced launch of a regional political party in the state to herald a new era in Tamil politics.

Rajini said there was a big vacuum in Tamil Nadu politics after the death of Jayalalithaa and hence, he wants to launch a political party.

“All these years, I have been analysing the situation and now, the time has come to put an end to all the speculations,” he said, without indicating when he would launch a party.

But going by Rajini’s statements, it appears he is not at all confident of emerging a strong political force in the state. He sounded as if it was the responsibility of the people to choose him as an alternative.

“I am ready to fight. But the people's mindset and thoughts should change. Unless it happens, I cannot hope to achieve success in politics,” he said.

The Tamil superstar said he has been waiting for the upsurge of Tamil Nadu people to bring a change in the state politics.

“I will come definitely on the day when I feel the intense waves blow for a political change,” he said.

Yet another indication of Rajini’s lack of confidence was his statement that both the AIADMK and DMK were strong parties. He said AIADMK has the treasure of Kubera and the power.

Similarly, DMK has strong organisational structure and financially well equipped. DMK leader Stalin waits to prove his leadership, he pointed out.

“We have to fight with these two Dravidian majors. It is not an easy task to overcome them,” he said.

At one stage, Rajini sounded exactly like power star of Telugu film industry Pawan Kalyan, whose Jana Sena Party was a miserable failure in the elections. Pawan used to say that his party lacked money power and would fight the elections for clean politics.

Rajini also said the same thing: “I don't want to make my fans and party workers to lose their wealth in the election politics. I don't want to be just a vote splitter by drawing some 10 to 15 per cent of vote share,” he said.

And like Pawan, Rajini, too, sought to create the impression that he is not interested in power.

“I don't want to be the CM. I am not a right person to do debates in assembly. It is not even in my blood. So, I request my fans not to call me as future CM,” he said.

So, why would people vote for Rajini, if not to see him as the chief minister and do good for them? This very statement has led to defeat of Pawan in the last elections in AP and one can imagine what would happen to Rajini, if he continues with this dialogue.

And again, like Pawan, Rajini said nearly 65 per cent of the party would comprise youth. But Rajini himself has crossed 70 years and what is funnier is that he wants to invite retired IAS and IPS officers into the party. How can he call his party as a party of youth then?

He also said the party and the government should be headed by two different leaders. How can it be in regional parties? Will there be no power struggle?

Well, we need a lot more clarity from Rajini now!

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