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Why Trivikram Failed At Box Office?

Why Trivikram Failed At Box Office?

Trivikram Srinivas faced a setback at the box office with 'Guntur Kaaram,' and many have been stating that he has lost both his sheen and trademark in direction and writing.

When contemplating the reasons for this downfall, many insiders are suggesting that he got distracted from his core creative domain for quick money-making jobs and production activities, which affected his cognitive imagination skills.

It is known that Trivikram got involved in quick projects such as BRO and OG for Pawan Kalyan, earning a significant sum by simply penning a few lines for those projects. He was also engaged in co-production with Sitara banner in the name of his wife.

Overall, he chased after quick money and lost his grip on his core domain that had brought him name and fame for decades.

Many are drawing parallels between him and Koratala Shiva, who experienced a setback with the disaster 'Acharya' due to becoming overly involved in the business side of the film, which took a toll on his creative impulses.

He was also in the thought process of setting up projects involving some big heroes and production houses to make quick money through liaison activities.

Now, Koratala Shiva has set everything aside and is sincerely working on 'Devara,' maintaining full creative focus on it.

Trivikram should also follow suit to save his career from a downfall, suggest well wishers. 

All that Trivikram needs to do is either set aside laisoning and production activities and believe in his natural flow of imagination to create content. 

Or else he may choose to stop directing films and focus on quick-profit activities, such as setting up projects for Pawan Kalyan and supervising others' films.

The fundamental truth is that he cannot simultaneously navigate two boats, a situation that could potentially submerge his career in deep troubles.


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