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Why Should Bunny Be Afraid Of Balayya?

Why Should Bunny Be Afraid Of Balayya?

The number of YouTube views for a movie teaser or trailer or song has become a barometer for popularity. It has now become a prestige issue for heroes to have ‘huge views’ for their promos. 

With pressure from stars, producers are spending big bucks on digital promotion to get maximum views. This trend has been there for a long time. Now, heroes are forcing the producers to garner ‘record views’. 

After Nandamuri Balakrishna’s “Akhanda” teaser clocked in more than 40 million views within two weeks, the trend of buying views has become a hot topic.

There have been reports that the makers of “Akhanda” spent big money on digital promotion. The title teaser also clicked with the fans. Coupled with ‘digital promotional’ views and organic views, it is now on the verge of crossing 50 million views. 

Seeing that Balakrishna’s movie would create a new record for a Telugu movie, Allu Arjun’s team got alerted and they reportedly bought views for the “Pushpa” teaser in the last two days.

The teaser of “Pushpa” has now become the first Telugu movie to garner 50 film views. Until now, no Telugu film teaser had received 50 million views. 

Thus Allu Arjun has created a record much before Balakrishna could pull it off. 

This trend will continue. The producers will now shell out more money to get record views as some of our superstars have a fascination for ‘records’ by all means - real or fake. 

"The point is why should Allu Arjun be afraid of Balayya's fake record? Everyone in the industry, media and sane crowd know about this. The range of Bunny is no way match to that of Balayya. This is like a Rs 200 Cr worth young hero competing with a Rs 40 Cr aged actor", a Tollywood producer said.

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