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Why Romantic Scenes In A Major's Biopic?

Why Romantic Scenes In A Major's Biopic?

There is a saying- "If you point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you". 

When RRR was released, some critics felt that the lack of proper romantic track made the film insipid and mentioned the same in their reviews. 

A media house reacted to that and posted many sarcastic tweets stating how can someone expect romantic scenes in a patriotic film.

Well, RRR is a patriotic commercial 'fiction'. The director had enough freedom to write some romantic episodes as they are expected from the audience who watch such big star films.

Keeping that aside, now the same media house has become part of the production of the film 'Major' starring Adavi Sesh. 

It's the biopic of an Army Major who lost his life in a popular mission. But the trailer has shown some romantic sequences. In fact, this is 'not fiction'. 

The parents of the martyr might have told that his son got married after a love story. Obviously they might not have narrated the details of their son's love sequences. Then how come the director incorporated the romantic sequence in the film? 

Here comes the answer. A commercial film needs a romantic track in general. Otherwise it may become risky at the box office. Knowing this the director wrote the episodes. Nothing wrong with that. 

The bottom-line is one has to check twice before pointing fingers on others.


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