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Why Did Nani Buy Story from a New Writer?

Why Did Nani Buy Story from a New Writer?

It is a known fact that Nani is very particular about stories when signing films. 

When Rahul Sankrityan had first approached Nani with his script, the Natural Star didn’t like the storyline. However, he promised that he’d act under his direction if he brings another good story.

Nani who was bowled over by a story narrated by Satya Dev of Aditya Music diverted this to director Rahul. Thus the film “Shyam Singa Roy” has come into shape.

Nani liked Rahul’s directorial skills in his debut film “Taxiwaala”. Though he didn’t like Rahul’s storyline, he handed over another story to him to keep the promise he made to the director.

The film will showcase Nani in two different roles with two diverse getups. 



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