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Who Is Behind Ambati Rambabu Scene In 'Bro'?

Who Is Behind Ambati Rambabu Scene In 'Bro'?

The film "Bro" is gaining significant attention due to a track featuring Ambati Ramambu, portrayed by Purthvi.

Interestingly, this scene has become the focal point of publicity, despite its limited presence in the movie.

Ambati Ramambu's satirical response has sparked discussions about the motivations behind its inclusion in the film.

Ambati has taken digs at Pawan Kalyan, assuming he might be the driving force behind the scene. However, insider information suggests that Pawan Kalyan is not the sole reason for this scene.

According to sources, it was Trivikram, the director, who masterminded the decision to troll Ambati Rambabu using Pruthvi in the role of Shyam Babu.

Samuthirakani, the Tamilian director, may not be familiar with the intricacies of AP politics, making it unlikely that the idea originated from him.

Instead, Trivikram, known for his close association with Pawan Kalyan, penned the track without consulting the actor, confident that Pawan would endorse his decisions. Pawan Kalyan apparently enjoyed performing this role.

However, some criticize Trivikram for lack of originality, as the dialogue in the scene was taken from Brahmanandam's line in Srinu Vaitla's "King," initially written by Kona Venkat and his team.

This has led to the perception that Trivikram didn't use his creative abilities to come up with fresh content. As a result, speculation arises about whether this scene stems from Trivikram's animosity towards the YCP.

In any case, if this insider information holds true, it suggests that Trivikram wrote the scene to please his disciple, Pawan Kalyan.


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