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Watch: The Ghost Nag's Intense Training

Watch: The Ghost Nag's Intense Training

It’s a common scenario that, makers come up with their own strategies to promote their movies. They up the game, few days before the release.

The makers of Nagarjuna starrer The Ghost are implementing their strategies and are coming up with regular updates.

To reveal more of action side of the movie- they released a video called The Ghost Guns and Swords. The video shows the kind of home work Nagarjuna and Sonal Chauhan did for the movie.

Particularly, Nagarjuna took intense training in sword fighting and gun shooting for the movie. As is known Tamahagane is The Ghost’s favourite weapon.

The video shows different fight sequences in the movie, besides the training sessions of the lead pair.

Of course, The Ghost will have some breath-taking action sequences and they were well choreographed, as we saw in the teaser and trailer.

Directed by Praveen Sattaru, The Ghost will have its pre-release event to be held on 25th of this month in Kurnool. The movie will be arriving in theatres on October 5th.


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