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Watch: RGV About People Behind His 'Vyooham'

Watch: RGV About People Behind His 'Vyooham'

In an exclusive and insightful chat with, Ram Gopal Varma shared exciting information about his newly established and expansive movie office located in the prominent Film Nagar area.

With its grandeur and scale, the office reflects Varma's unwavering commitment to his philosophy, taste and interest without curbing them with any hesitatons and societal norms. 

During the conversation, Varma also took the opportunity to discuss his highly anticipated film, Vyooham.

One of the intriguing aspects of the interview revolved around the involvement of YSRCP in Varma's project.

When specifically asked about Member of Parliament Mithun Reddy's potential investment in his film, Varma responded in his distinct and enigmatic style. 

The interview, as a whole, captivates the viewers with its astute inquiries and the filmmaker's shrewd and thought-provoking responses. 

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