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Watch: Prabhas, Keerthy Suresh, And Bujji

Watch: Prabhas, Keerthy Suresh, And Bujji

After teasing everyone with an enigmatic post on his Instagram about the arrival of 'someone special', Prabhas gave clarity about the same.

Many thought it would be regarding his personal life. However, he revealed one of the main characters- Bujji from his global film Kalki 2898 AD.

Bujji is the car used by Prabhas in the movie. We get to see only his head which appears like an AI robot EMO.

Bhairava aka Prabhas manufactures this futuristic car with complete modern technology. However, we need to wait till the 22nd to get a glimpse of the vehicle.

Interestingly, Keerthy Suresh gave voice to Bujji. It was totally funny with Bujji making unstoppable conversations with everyone, including Bhairava.

The makers are giving insights into the building of the futuristic world for the movie in the name of From The Skratch.

As the video suggests, Bujji is one of the major parts of this mega-budgeted film directed by Nag Ashwin on Vyjayanthi Movies Banner.

The makers opted for innovative promotions from the beginning and Bujji is the best among the Skractch videos.


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