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Watch: 'I have always been a fighter, I am going to fight'

Watch: 'I have always been a fighter, I am going to fight'

Actress Samantha, who is undergoing treatment for the auto-immune condition called myositis, has said that she has always been a fighter and that she was going to fight this as well.

The actress, who chose to take a day off her treatment for the promotions of her upcoming film 'Yashoda', which is set to hit screens on November 11, spoke about her present condition.

She said, "There are some good days, some bad. Some days, getting up from bed is difficult. Some days, I want to fight. Slowly the days I want to fight are getting more and more than the days I want to give up."

Trashing reports in a section of the media that had claimed that the condition was life threatening, the actress said, "It's been three months now. I want to clarify that I am not dying anytime soon. I saw a lot of articles that said life threatening. Yes, this is an autoimmune condition and it is taking time. It is draining and it is tiring but I have always been a fighter and I am going to fight."

Stating that the last three months have been very dark times, which have been very difficult, the actress disclosed that she had been taking high dose medications and had been making never ending trips to doctors.

"I think that I have spoken about everything in life. When I wore fashionable clothes and did extraordinary photoshoots and showed that there is this glamourous lifestyle, I should also show that there is this not-so-glamourous life. If I don't do that, it will be wrong.

"People should know that everybody has good times and everybody has bad times. It doesn't matter if you are rich or famous. Everybody has good times and everybody has bad and it is important that everybody knows that," she said in an interview.


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