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Watch Anil's Movies With Empty Brains: KRR

Watch Anil's Movies With Empty Brains: KRR

Team F3 celebrated another success event which is meant to give shields to distributors of different regions and also to the entire team.

K Raghavendra Rao who gave the shields appreciated producer Dil Raju for encouraging talent and his contributions to the industry by introducing many directors.

“I wrote a book named Nenu Cinemaki Rasukunna Prema Lekha. I mentioned in the last page that, there is no one particular formula to make films. We need to come with empty brains to watch Anil’s movies. However, you’ll go out with smile in your face. There’s also a message in the end in F3.”

Dil Raju made some interesting comments. He said movies have become weekend things for audience, after the pandemic.

“Lots of changes happened. We need to understand the situations and plan accordingly. Even under these circumstances, F3 is getting revenues.”

Anil Ravipudi also made similar statement that the way of watching movies has been changed, after the pandemic.

“OTT has unknowingly become parallel platform. Cinema indeed divided into two sections. There is something extraordinary in the movie to bring audience to theatres. I’m really happy that F3 is still raking shares in third weekend. 100 Cr gross is not a small thing. I got calls from many heroes. Yesterday, Allu Arjun called and spoke positively about F3. It may not happen immediately, but we’ll come again with the fun & frustration franchise. So, I’ll now be moving onto NBK108.”

Varun Tej said that more than the appreciation for his acting, he feels more happy if producers and distributors are safe and happy.

“The happiness of distributors ultimately gives happiness to any actor. We all definitely think about them. I thank the entire cast and crew for all your involvement.”

The makers during the event announced that F3 grossed 126 Cr worldwide till date.


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