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Vishwak Sen's Blast: Taggekoddi Mingutaru

Vishwak Sen's Blast: Taggekoddi Mingutaru

Actor Vishwak Sen caused a stir on social media by announcing that he will not participate in the promotion of "Gangs of Godavari" if the producer gives in to external pressure and postpones the film.

"Taggekoddi Mingutaru Ani Arthmaindi," he stated in a social media post with a double meaning.

"If we don't have any backing, everyone here attempts to manipulate the situation. The more we yield, the more they attempt to intervene," he wrote on Instagram.

The entire controversy revolves around the release dates.

"Gangs of Godavari," starring Vishwak Sen and produced by Naga Vamsi, was originally scheduled for release on December 8. However, after "Salaar" was rescheduled from September 28 to December 22, films like Nani's "Hi Nanna" and Nithiin's "Extra" were moved to December 7 and December 8, respectively.

Under pressure, producer Naga Vamsi is contemplating postponing "Gangs of Godavari" to a later date. But Vishwak Sen is displeased and has threatened to withdraw from the promotions if the producer changes the release date.


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