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Vishwak Sen Slams Baby Team

Vishwak Sen Slams Baby Team

The low-budget Baby film starring newcomers has been successful at the box office, and the team is overjoyed.

However, director Sai Rajesh claimed that a young actor refused to meet him when he approached him to narrate the story.

All fingers pointed to Vishwak Sen. The "Falaknuma Das" actor had previously responded to the team's claim with a tweet. Now, he has openly discussed it on stage.

As a guest at the event for the upcoming low-budget film "Peka Medalu," he spoke about the "Baby" team's attempt to defame him.

"If you have a big hit, you should rejoice and raise your head proudly. But you should not humiliate others just because you have a hit," he said, addressing the "Baby" creators.

Vishwak Sen also admitted that he did not meet with the director because he did not want to say no directly. He further stated that when the teaser was released, he tweeted about it and congratulated them.

"It is not possible to satisfy everyone," he concluded.


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