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Video: Bigg Boss Voting A Scam Alleges Karate Kalyani

Video: Bigg Boss Voting A Scam Alleges Karate Kalyani

Karate Kalyani was the second contestant to be evicted from Bigg Boss season 4.

In an exclusive interview with Great Andhra, she said that there could be tampering of votes against certain contestants.

Kalyani said that a few well wishers and fans alleged that the call they made to her voting number used to go to another contestant.

Although Kalyani hasn’t stressed too hard on this, she has her own doubts over the transparency of the Bigg Boss voting system. 

She is willing to go back into the house if given another chance. Kalyani said that she would get evicted in the first week itself, but she was lucky to escape nominations in the first week.

“It is not a scripted show. But audience doesn’t get a clear picture of what is happening in the house as they get to see only a few minutes of what happened in an entire day. Everyone is playing their game. But I will personally vote for contestants that don’t have prior popularity or fan following. I agree that there is sympathy towards Kumar Sai as he is being targeted by many in the house. But he cannot survive for long with just the sympathy factor,” Kalyani said.

Check out Karate Kalyani’s opinions and insights on Bigg Boss as well as some of her life experiences by clicking her interview link below.

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