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Venky Kudumula Scores Over Naga Shaurya

Venky Kudumula Scores Over Naga Shaurya

Actor Naga Shaurya spots the new talent. He gave the first opportunity to talented director Venky Kudumula in “Chalo” that had become a huge hit. But both Naga Shaurya and Venky Kudumula had a fallout after the release.

While Naga Shaurya openly said Venky cheated him and his parents, the director kept mum.

During the promotions of “Aswathama” last month, Naga Shaurya in an interview with a TV channel made strong allegations against Venky Kudumula.

Naga Shaurya even claimed that the script of “Chalo” was written by him, not Kudumula. What made Naga Shaurya talk so strongly about this young director is not known but the star’s comments had gone viral on social media.

‘Aswathama’ which was written by Naga Shaurya received fairly decent reviews but the movie has not become a hit.

On the other hand, Venky Kudumula has scored a huge hit with his second film “Bheeshma” proving that he indeed has a talent for comedy. Kudumula has now scored over Naga Shaurya.

Venky Kudumula's strength is comedy. That has proved again with the success of "Bheeshma". Shaurya should have remained mum. 


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