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Varalaxmi's Fiance Has a Teenage Daughter!

Varalaxmi's Fiance Has a Teenage Daughter!

Varalaxmi Sarathkumar's upcoming wedding has garnered significant media attention, as the actress has personally invited numerous film personalities to her wedding reception, scheduled to take place in Chennai on July 3rd.

She is set to marry Nicholai Sachdev, an art gallerist based in Mumbai.

However, what surprised everyone was her latest selfie in Dubai.

At Dubai Mall, she took a selfie with her father, R. Sarathkumar, and her fiancé, Nicholai Sachdev. Also in the frame was a teenage girl.

It has now been confirmed that the teenage girl is the daughter of Varalaxmi’s fiancé, Nicholai Sachdev. Nicholai has a teenage daughter from his first marriage.

While the public was aware of Nicholai's divorce, the revelation of his teenage daughter came as a surprise to many.

Many of Varalaxmi’s fans on social media are curious about her decision to marry someone who has a grown-up daughter.


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