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Valmiki Trailer: Varun Tej... Chimpeshinav Po!

Valmiki Trailer: Varun Tej... Chimpeshinav Po!

"Gatthar lepinav... Chimpeshinav Po" says an elderly lady at the end of Valmiki trailer and those words can be attributed to Varun Tej's appearance and performance as Gaddalakonda Ganesh in Valmiki.

The film is an official remake of Tamil film Jigarthanda, but director Harish Shankar has given it his own style of treatment.

Apparently, there is a flashback to the villain (Varun) character in this film. Pooja Hegde plays his love interest.

Rest of the plot is inspired from Jigarthanda where an aspiring filmmaker (Arthava Murali) makes a movie with a real life don as the leading man.

The trailer has covered other elements like comedy and romance, but it is all about one man, Varun Tej, who looks terrific in the getup of a middle aged don.

His makeup, expressions and the dialect makes him look entirely different from what we had seen of him thus far.

Looks like, Harish Shankar and 14 Reels Plus has a potential winner on hands as anybody who has watched the trailer will look forward to see Varun Tej in action.

Valmiki is slated for release on Sep 20. 


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