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Upasana Wins Praises With Her Costume

Upasana Wins Praises With Her Costume

It is very tough to talk about a few things openly in Indian society because of our unique culture and traditions. This is making people keep silent on certain things which otherwise should be discussed openly. 

The government is suggesting people to use condoms for safe sex and to prevent AIDS.  Though our society is advancing in many aspects, and witnessing development, people are still hesitating to talk about condoms openly.

At this juncture, what if a lady appears in front of us wearing a skirt designed by condoms?

Megastar Chiranjeevi's daughter-in-law, hero Ram Charan's wife Upasana surprised everybody by doing it.  She didn't stop at it. We can understand how our society looks at condoms through her challenge.

As the Vice-president of Apollo, Upasana participates in several social welfare activities. She often shares innovative ideas through her social media handles.

This is one of her latest ideas. Upasana's dress is simply unique. Her top is made by the textile scraps and rejects from local designers, the skirt is made from defective condoms. 

By posting the pic she challenged the netizens, "Sustainable Fashion is the Future! Dare to wear Scrap?"

Forget about the others, one thing is evident. This picture is proof of Upasana's courage.  Needless to say, the photograph has gone viral on social media. Netizens are showering praises on her for her unique initiative.

Salutes to Upasana.

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