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Trade: Tollywood Slips Back Into Bad Habits!

Trade: Tollywood Slips Back Into Bad Habits!

Telugu cinema industry is slowly recovering from the effects of pandemic. The Sankranthi festival rejuvenated the energy and dreams of film producers and the film trade as well.

Now producers have gained in confidence and are lining up their films for theatrical release.

However, Telugu film producers started to slip back into their bad habits again. Multiple movies are being slated for release on the same day.

It is not a healthy trend especially when the industry is recovering from probably the worst crisis ever.

Producers should be careful in planning their releases so that everyone gets an equal share of the pie.

Three movies are announced for release on March 11 and two films are coming on March 26.

Love Story is locking horns with Tuck Jagadish on April 16. We may see many more films to follow this trend.

Releasing multiple movies on the same day is okay when the situation is normal, but it is not the case now. Producers cannot go for egos and put their films as well as others' films at risk.

Let’s hope industry bigwigs step in and stop these multiway clashes at least until the market is restored back to the pre corona days.

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