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Top Director's Gesture With Balayya's Son

Top Director's Gesture With Balayya's Son

Anil Ravipudi is a director known for making successful movies. He has a large following among the general public, and his films start gaining attention right from the moment they are announced.

Sreeleela is an actress who became famous with "PellisandaD." She showed her incredible talent for dancing and later became a part of the superhit film "Dhamaka." She also received many big offers and is currently working on multiple films at the same time.

However, who is Mokshagna? He has no individual identity other than being Balakrishna's son. Balakrishna himself mentioned that Mokshagna would enter the film industry at some point. 

If that's the case, should Anil Ravipudi show this kind of respect by standing with folded hands in front of him?

When highly successful directors behave like this with relatively unknown individuals in the industry, these young newcomers start to believe they are already stars and might disregard the producers as well. 

This is an example of how the industry can spoil young aspirants by giving them undue gestures of respect.


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