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Top 5: Unstoppable Jathi Ratnalu Ruling Telugu Box Office

Top 5: Unstoppable Jathi Ratnalu Ruling Telugu Box Office

1. Jathi Ratnalu: The saga of this film at the box office is unending even after the second weekend. Though a drop was observed during the week days, the collections are quite impressive by the weekend.

The situation in both Telangana and AP is almost the same in the last two days. Some theaters recorded even housefuls. 

2. Chaavu Kaburu Challaga: The film that was released with some expectations couldn't get the unanimous positive report. But still, among the new releases, this film has some potential to pull audience to the theaters.

Karthikeya's image among the young audience and Anasuya's song are said to be the pull factors as per the public talk at the theaters. The collections are impressive this weekend.  

3. Mosagallu: The film based on a big IT scam that happened in 2016 is made by Manchu Vishnu. The film pulled the audience to theaters more due to Kajal factor and at the end, it got a mixed response.

Despite, the collections are considerably ok during the weekend. On a whole, the film stands as a documented record of a historical IT scam. 

4. Sreekaram: The film could see some family audience walking into the theaters by the end of second week. There was a heavy blow to this film due to the Jathi Ratnalu tsunami last week, but now it could breathe some oxygen.

This Sharwanand starer has entertained the audience with Mickey J Meyer's music and an emotional message oriented story line. 

5. Sashi: This is the most neglected film of the week despite carrying the most viral song on it. This Aadi starer film failed to raise any interest among the audience even before the release.

Nor the content enticed the limited few those watched the film. Finally, it ended up as a disaster not pulling any number of audience to the theaters.

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