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Top 5: Ravi Teja Continues His Collections In NY

Top 5: Ravi Teja Continues His Collections In NY

1. Dhamaka: The film brought huge openings last week owing to the Sreeleela factor and successful songs.

Though the content pulled mixed reactions, the box office performance is pretty impressive by the second weekend as well.

We have to see how it runs in the weekdays and as of now it looks still promising as there are no big films until Sankranthi.

Ravi Teja scored the first and last hit of 2022 in the direction of Nakkina Triinadha Rao.

2. Avatar-The Way Of Water: The film has been continuously doing good since its release.

The multiplex audience is patronizing the film to the maximum extent and the holiday season is helping the film to pull better traction.

So far James Cameron's film collected 1.397 Billion dollars where the target of 2 Billion Dollar was set to make a breakeven. 

3. Khushi: Pawan Kalyan's 'Khushi' re-released in several centers after 22 years has made some good records at the box office.

In spite of the availability of the film online, the aged audience opted to watch it in theatres for nostalgic theatrical experience and the young audience for a rare opportunity to watch it on the big screen. 

4. 18 Pages: This Nikhil's film didn't pull the openings as expected. After the success of Karthikeya 2 it was estimated that the openings for 18 Pages would be far more impressive. But it failed to match up to the expectation.

Then the collections in the subsequent two days are ok. Nikhil and Anupama Parameshwaran, the lead pair in Karthikeya2 continued in this film as well.

5. Top Gear: The film miserably toppled at the box office. Though the film started to be a promising narrative, the end result isn't positive.

There has not been any positive word of mouth publicity for this Aadi Saikumar's film. The last week of the year 2022 ended up with this flop.


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