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Top 5: Hanu Man Soars Above The Clouds

Top 5: Hanu Man Soars Above The Clouds

1. Hanu Man: Directed by Prashanth Varma and featuring Teja Sajja, the film has captivated the audience and emerged as the box office champion of this season, amassing significant collections worldwide.

The movie is setting new records at the USA and India box office, surpassing even the big film Guntur Kaaram.

Domestically, the film's collections in India, both in Telugu and Hindi, have been equally impressive, consistently drawing full houses in nearly all centers.

As of day-10, the film has grossed Rs 200 Cr at the worldwide box office.

2. Guntur Kaaram: Setting aside the opening day collections, the film faced the immediate challenge of unfavorable reviews spreading rapidly across social media and various audience circles, significantly impacting its reception.

Collections experienced a sharp decline from the second day onward, and the film is approaching the conclusion of its full run at the box office.

Despite a commendable performance in the Andhra region due to the festival season, the film turned out to be a flop in overseas and Naizam regions.

Overall, by the end of Day 10, "Guntur Kaaram" amassed a total box office collection of Rs 160 crore- Rs 170 Cr Gross.

3. Naa Saami Ranga: Nagarjuna's film, in a village setting, appeared to be the perfect Sankranthi delight according to the trailer.

There were heightened expectations among the audience, and the opening day witnessed substantial attendance, especially from family viewers. However, the film has received a moderate to good response for its content.

While the movie has achieved breakeven in almost all centers in the Andhra region, it has unfortunately turned out to be a disaster overseas.

4. Saindhav: From the outset, the film struggled to gain significant attention from the audience, primarily attributed to its serious content, as evident from the trailer.

Regrettably, the film couldn't engage the audience effectively, and the festival season provided a modest respite, preventing further humiliation.

In summary, the film has completed its full run at the box office.

5. Salaar-Part 1- Ceasefire: The theatrical run of this film has nearly concluded, and it is now available on OTT platform.

Ultimately, the film has amassed a worldwide gross of Rs 715 Cr at the box office. This accomplishment positions the film as the second-highest-grossing hit in Prabhas' career, trailing only 'Bahubali: The Conclusion.'

The film's journey at the box office has been truly remarkable.


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