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Top 5: Another Disaster For Varun Tej

Top 5: Another Disaster For Varun Tej

1. Operation Valentine: The film starring Varun Tej ended up as another disaster in his career. There has been no traction at the theatres, and the audience didn't turn up to give openings as well in considerable numbers.

Though Varun Tej struggled his best for the looks and the body language makeover, things didn't work in favor of the film as it was not received as expected.

On the whole, the film made a feeble weekend opening gross of Rs 5-6 Cr. The weekdays seem to be not so encouraging for the film.

2. Dune Part 2: This Hollywood film made a good opening in Hyderabad multiplexes as there were no big films among the new releases.

The film didn't perform well with its first part, but somehow the second part picked up its traction. The young audience turned out to be the patrons of this film, and they contributed considerably to its collections, though not overwhelmingly so.

We cannot call this film a hit but we can simply say that it made its presence felt.  

3. Bhootaddam Bhaskara Narayana: The film starring Shiva Kandukuri turned out to be a flop. With no considerable traction at the theaters and no encouraging openings, the film suffered a setback at the box office.

Although the film had some engaging content, it failed to generate interest due to weak promotions and ultimately succumbed at the box office.

The weekdays don't seem encouraging for the film either way.

4. Vyooham: This political film made by Ram Gopal Varma, which was hyped due to its controversial content, has finally been released but only managed to entertain a certain segment of the audience and didn't garner much traction at the box office.

The film can be deemed a flop considering the kind of collections it made, especially when compared to other political films of this season that have all performed well at the box office. They are not pulling the same level of interest as before.

5. Chari 111: This film was released silently, and flopped miserably. The lack of publicity resulted in the film going unnoticed, and ultimately, the collections are almost negligible for this film in all the centers where it was released.

It ended up as a failure, and the prospects for weekday collections are almost nonexistent.


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