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To Slam Rumors, Nayanthara Boyfriend Shares Pic

To Slam Rumors, Nayanthara Boyfriend Shares Pic

The very start of 2020 gave way to a strange rumor. That Nayanthara broke up with her boyfriend again.

Nayanthara has had a share of failed relationships and when everyone that she has finally found a perfect guy to get hitched, these rumors of a breakup started gaining the ground.

Adding fuel to the rumors, Nayanthara was spotted solo at an awards ceremony. Her boyfriend Vignesh Shivan, who generally accompanies her at all public events, was not spotted with her.

As the rumors spread like a wildfire on social media, Vignesh now took to Instagram to keep everyone’s mouths shut.

Vignesh Shivan posted the latest photograph that he took with Nayanthara hinting that all is well between them and they are very much in love. They have been maintaining a live-in relationship for the past three years. 


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