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Tiger 3 Box Office: Underperforming In USA!

Tiger 3 Box Office: Underperforming In USA!

"Tiger3," the latest blockbuster from Bollywood, made its debut on Saturday in the USA and on Sunday in India. 

The initial Indian box office collections were impressive, reaching a noteworthy 42 crore nett on the first day. However, the collections experienced a slowdown in the evening and night, attributed to Diwali Day. 

Contrastingly, the film is facing challenges in the USA, with a modest USD 1 million in collections on Saturday and subsequent figures not showing a significant surge. In a way it is an underperformance in the USA. 

Shifting the focus back to India, it remains to be seen how the film will perform from Monday onward. With Monday being a Diwali holiday in many places and Children's Day following shortly after, there is anticipation for a positive trend at the box office. However, the outcome is a matter of patience and observation.


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