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Thangalaan Trailer: Rugged and Rustic

Thangalaan Trailer: Rugged and Rustic

The trailer of Thangalaan was released today in all languages. The content is arresting with its rustic ambiance, rugged characters, and out-of-the-box theme. 

The story apparently revolves around a witch. The black panther, the intense fights between two groups, and a white man holding a gun all look intriguing.

Overall, the background score is captivating, and Vikram's look is unique and never-seen-before, as already known.

The trailer raises interest in watching the film. The other predictable formulaic elements, like a glamorous heroine or a song, and other typical sequences are totally missing, which gives the impression that this is not a routine production.

Pa Ranjith is known for making films with Dalit themes, but now we need to see if he emphasized that element more or took it in a different perspective.

KE Gnanavel Raja presents the film, while GV Prakash Kumar scores the music.


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