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Swapna Cinemas - Strikes A Jackpot Deal

Swapna Cinemas - Strikes A Jackpot Deal

The non-theatrical business is bringing joy and satisfaction in Tollywood. It's a blissful scenario when the entire film's cost can be recovered through non-theatrical avenues.

The unpredictable nature of theater income has turned it into a gamble, with not every movie receiving a successful opening.

Producers can only breathe a sigh of relief if the film garners blockbuster talk. In this context, the non-theatrical business has provided a ray of hope for the upcoming release of 'Anni Manchi Sakunamule' this week.

According to sources, the total cost of the film is estimated to be around 22 to 23 crores, which is an astonishing figure considering Santosh Shobhan as the lead actor.

However, being a production by Vyjayanthi/Swapna Cinemas, the film benefits from an exceptional supporting cast and technical support.

It is reported that the cost has reached approximately 18 crores, which includes expenses for prints, publicity, and interest.

The fortunate aspect here is that 21.5 crores is expected from non-theatrical sources. This may be attributed to the success of previous tracks like Mahanati and Seetharamam or the presence of a highly anticipated film like Project K.

The film has already achieved total recovery through non-theatrical means, leading the producer to handle the distribution directly.

These favorable circumstances are seen as promising signs for the movie directed by Nandini Reddy, giving rise to a sense of optimism and anticipation.


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