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Suresh Babu Shuts Down His Theaters

Suresh Babu Shuts Down His Theaters

Daggubati Suresh Babu hinted last year that the theater business is going to end soon and the Corona pandemic is making it faster. The situation seems to be in sync with what he said. 

Right now there are no films to feed the theaters. Vakeel Saab is the only new film that is already suffering below average collections in almost all the centers. The notable new films are postponed due to the 2nd wave of pandemic. 

At this juncture many theaters are dropping the shutters down. Suresh Distributions also closed down 40 of its theaters in the entire state, Jyothi theatre in Visakhapatnam and about six theaters in Kakinada are closed.

Several other single theater owners are also facing the similar problem and shutting down their screens. 

The plight is not the same in Telangana but if the situation continues for another two weeks, there will be no choice than to follow the owners of AP theaters. 

So, without even official lock down, the theaters are eating death blows due to the second wave. The movies are not ready to release as the audience are not ready to watch in theaters.

So, it is again OTT time now.

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