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Sujeeth Down With Dengue

Sujeeth Down With Dengue

It isn't easy being Sujeeth Reddy at the moment. The amount of malevolence thrown his way for making Saaho into what it has shaped into, is not only unfair but also an indication of how we love to seek a scapegoat to justify a disastrous outcome, although it is, and should be, a collective responsibility.

Sujeeth who has gone into a shell after the ceaseless attack is now down with dengue fever.

The young director who was suffering from feverishness for a week, finally got medical tests done, and it is indeed, dengue. The blood test showed a marked decline in platelets.

Treatment for dengue is on. And Sujeeth is recuperating at home with his mother to take care  of him.

In the meanwhile we suggest the haters simply back off. Portraying the leading man as the victim and the director as the culprit is not just unfair it’s a sickeningly biased attitude.

More than the dengue fever it is the feverish backlash that has traumatized Sujeeth.


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