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Strict Order: No Official Collections for Vakeel Saab

Strict Order: No Official Collections for Vakeel Saab

The distributors of “Vakeel Saab” are refusing to reveal the actual figures of the first-day collections owing to the political controversy.

Andhra Pradesh government issued a GO restricting hike in ticket prices. However, at many places, the tickets were sold for high prices much before the GO was released.

So, should the hiked ticket prices be added in the first-day collection or only the normal ticket prices are to be showm as per the government orders? This is a catch-22 situation for the distributors.

It is learned that producer Dil Raju asked all the distributors not to reveal anything until he tells them. 

Trade pundits say the film has not broken any records on the first day but stood at the number third or fourth position in the opening collections. 

“Vakeel Saab” is Pawan Kalyan’s comeback movie and it is released amidst high expectations. The film opened good collections and mixed reports but fearing to reveal the numbers for the above mentioned reason. 

On the other hand, Dil Raju who wishes to make films with other stars, is not ready to show fake numbers of Vakeel Saab and receive their wrath. 

Moreover, the figures he announces now will become a bench mark for other stars and they may demand Dil Raju to make the numbers crossed when he makes films with them. 

So by all means, Dil Raju is shrewd enough in hiding the actual collections. 

In the USA, the film has already crossed 400k and is inching towards half a million mark.

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